THE TECHNOLOGY: patent-pending solution to card clash for contactless cards – merlolondon: leather RFID wallets that prevent card clash


What is the difference between a Merlo wallet and a normal RFID blocking wallet? These diagrams show how the magnetic field from the card reader interacts with different wallets (The red-orange cloud around the 'reader' shows the distance it can reach when looking for a contactless card). Merlo's patent-pending tech ensures only the cards you intend get read while the rest are safely secured.


Standard wallet

A standard wallet without RFID protection hardly affects the field. The high field strength all the way through the wallet means all your cards can get read all at once.

Shielded wallet

An RFID shielded or blocking wallet stops cards being read inside the wallet, but also stops cards around the wallet being read, so you have to get your payment card out of the wallet to use it.

Merlo wallet

Merlo wallets with patent pending technology are shielded on the inside but cards are still readable on the outside. This means that all your cards inside the wallet are safely protected, and you can still pay with your card you choose and you don't have to take it out of the wallet.

Works a treat indeed - used it on the Valencia tube Suzanne, London

The Smart Wallet

Two pockets for contactless card use

Use your two most frequently-used contactless cards separately in the outer pockets and place all your other cards in the inside.

It’s not just a shielded wallet

Our patent pending technology is selective – it blocks the cards inside the wallet while allowing cards in the outer pockets to be read. So you can be sure the right card is charged, every time.

Make payments on-the-go

Fast, easy & secure wiith the knowledge that your cards are safely inside your wallet.


Proudly designed in London for today’s demanding lifestyles. Made to last with a durable quality leather outer & hardwearing suede lining which lasts much longer than the usual silk or cotton linings.